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SKU: PS-8501-00
String Saver saddles for USA Gibson Les Pauls made from 2000 onwards that have the wider Nashville style tune-o-matic bridges. M3 x .050 thread. Set of 6.
SKU: PS-8600-00
M2.5 x .45 Thread. For Gotoh tune-o-matic style bridges. The ones with the little nut on the end of each intonation screw. Set of 6.
SKU: PS-8615-00
M3 x .50 Thread. Fits tune-o-matic bridges with S.I.C. stamped on bottom and some ESP bridges. Will also fit our Metric Tune-O-Matic bridges. Set of 6.
SKU: PS-8500-00
M3 x .50 Thread. Gibson Nashville tune-o-matic style saddles. Fits most Gibson electrics made between 1972 and 2001. Set of 6.
SKU: PS-8633-00
M3 x .50 Thread. Fits most Epiphone electrics other than Sheratons. Also tune-o-matic bridges with "B2", "BR-EG", or "Jin-Ah" stamped on the underside of the bridge. Set of 6.
SKU: PS-8400-00
4/40 thread. Fits Gibson electric guitars with ABR-01 tune-o-matic bridges (look on the underside of the bridge for the ABR stamp. Pre-1972 guitars and vintage re-issues.
SKU: PS-8001-00
Fits American made Fender Strat Plus, Ultra and American Standard Strat. Please note that they have off-set intonation screws. Set of 6.
SKU: PS-8000-F0
Fits vintage and vintage re-issue strats. Not for strat plus, ultras, or squiers. Set of 6.
SKU: PS-8000-00
Fits most Import Strat style guitars, slightly narrow saddle, will also fit American made models but with a slight gap between the saddles. Set of 6.